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King James Version vs NRSV and King Charles III In a letter to the editor in December 2023, a reader complained that the translation of

Ecumenical Dialogue

Ecumenical Number Plate

When my wife was attending seminary, she chose the letters “SHADAI” as her car number plate. She liked the name because “El Shaddai” was a

A Life of Faith, Family, & Service

The following article was created from Elizabeth Truant’s Memoir, “It All Began on a Farm.” Beth writes: “My love of family, Christian faith and life


For centuries, Anglicans have taken authority in their church to rest on the “three-legged stool” of Scripture, tradition, and reason, a concept whose origins are

The Many Faces of Jesus Christ

Over the last two thousand years, many artists have painted what they thought the face of Jesus Christ may have looked like. In our secular

Honouring Yme Woensdregt

The Rev. Dr. Yme Woensdregt, who recently passed into the rest of God, in whom he put his trust*, will be sorely missed by those

The Art of Sandra Anne Kessler

Sandra Anne Kessler was born in Taber, Alberta. She has worked in various mediums throughout her career and is currently using a form of “Tachisme”

Cathedral Choir of St Michael and All Angels', Kelowna


The Special Session of Synod on May 27, 2023 took place via Zoom from the Cathedral of St Michael & All Angels’, Kelowna, with 96

Creating Art as a Spiritual Exercise

When it comes to creating art, we need to understand the difference between secular and spiritual art. I have absolutely no problem with the goals

SUBLIME ART: The Expression

So far in this series of articles, we have considered the idea that sublime art has an element of religious feeling within it. It also


Easter is a season of resurrection. Resurrection implies not only the rebirth of the old, but the rebirth of something new. In Bishop Lynne’s absence,

Sublime Art: Into the Abstract

In this article, I would like to expand on last month’s article: how the sublime in art can be better understood, by critiquing some examples

Sublime Art Part 2 Beyond the Mundane

In my last article, I defined the nature of “the sublime” in art, and suggested that the creation or appreciation of the sublime might be considered similar to

Sublime Art — Part 1

Many Anglicans these days are drawn to icons as objects of art, and for some, as objects of worship. For most Anglicans, icons represent “tradition,”

Small Group Organist

Did you ever have the desire to be a church organist? It may have crossed your mind at one time or another, or gotten added

Bishop Lynne McNaughton

Special Synod October 1, 2022

The first “Diocese of Kootenay Special Synod” took place via Zoom on October 1, 2022 with 86 delegates and guests in attendance. It had been

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