The HighWay is the official news publication for the Diocese of Kootenay, in the Anglican Church of Canada. It is published 10 times per year (September – June) and connects churches and communities in central British Columbia by offering news, events, opinions, and ideas to people in southern BC from the Okanagan Valley through the west and east Kootenays.

Submissions & Deadlines: In addition to regular columnists, our policy is to print local news and feature articles. For its content The HighWay relies on contributions from the parishes, congregations, worshipping communities and individuals; all of which give testimony to the lives of Anglicans and an important historical record of their activities in the Diocese of Kootenay. Photography is an important element and we ask congregations to send pictures documenting the life of their parish.

All submissions should be sent by email to [email protected]. Monthly deadline is always the first of the month prior to the following month’s publications (ie deadline for June edition would be May 1). There are ten editions each year (no publication in July and August).

Mailing address: 201-380 Leathead Road • Kelowna, BC • V1X 2H8

Phone: 250-226-6792

Privacy Protection: Photographs and articles submitted to The HighWay for publication requires that authors and photographers have received permission from parents or guardians of all minors (under 18) that have their names or whereabouts published in The HighWay. 


APRIL 2024

For a rich print edition of The HighWay magazine contact https://anglicanjournal.com/subscriptions/

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