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  • Yme Woensdregt

    The Rev Dr Yme Woensdregt was a priest in Kootenay Diocese, BC (1953-2023)


St Nicholas

On December 6, we celebrate the feast day of St Nicholas. I have fond memories of celebrating “Sint Nicolaas” or “Sinterklaas” as a young child

How Inclusive Are We?

2SLGBTQIA+ General Synod, Winnipeg, 2007. I wept at a table in the rapidly emptying conference room after another acrimonious debate on the motion to authorize

I Celebrate Being ‘Woke’

Recently, someone accused me of being ‘woke’. It’s the new insult used by the alt–right. My first impulse was to sputter in dismay and dismiss

I Am An Agnostic Christian

A recent blog suggested that if we understand faith as “trust in relationship,” then faith will always have an element of doubt. The author writes,

Blessing for a Dying Church

A Blessing for a Dying Church

As you read this, we are in the season of Lent. I have been reflecting on the report that the structures of the Diocese are

What Does It Mean To Love?

February is the month for the feast day of St Valentine. It has become a time when people celebrate love. Hearts abound in cards and

Now the Work of Christmas Begins

One of my favourite poems comes from American theologian Howard Thurman: “When the song of the angels is stilled, when the star in the sky

Three Advents

The season of Advent can be difficult to celebrate. All around us, the world is already celebrating Christmas. Carols play in an endless loop, and

Tenderness, Compassion & Justice

A few weeks ago, I discovered a work of art online. I don’t remember the artist; it showed one of the most famous of Jesus’

Four Sentences Leading To Wisdom

I’m a huge fan of Louise Penny’s novels, which are set in the village of Three Pines in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Armand Gamache

Is the Church Really a Family?

Many churches identify themselves as a “family church.” It sounds warm and cozy: we are friendly, welcoming, open, big–hearted. Be part of our family; it’s

A God Who Draws Near

Where is God? It sounds like a child’s question. One of the earliest answers we learned was simple, certain, reliable: God is in heaven, smiling

Ask My Neighbour

Wilfred Cantwell Smith was one of the world’s most influential figures in the field of comparative religion. He founded the Institute of Islamic Studies at

The Healing Gift of Hope

Amid all the difficulties of this time—a lingering pandemic; violent protests; fears and anxieties; the sudden premature death of a close friend—I’ve been thinking about

We Find Sacraments Everywhere

What is a sacrament? Different churches have different ways of talking about this. More liturgical churches have either two or seven sacraments. Almost every church

A Complaint-Free Life

Are you kidding me? No complaints for 21 days? No way! It’s human nature to complain. But that’s exactly what Rev. Will Bowen of Christ Church Unity in Kansas City challenged his people to do in 2006. “The one thing we can agree on,” he said, “is there’s too much complaining.”

Christmas ends with Epiphany Light

Last month, I wrote about several festivals celebrating the light during this season of winter in the northern hemisphere. Western Christians continue to celebrate the light in the festival of Epiphany, the climax of our Christmas season. It comes after the Twelve Days of Christmas (December 25 – January 5) and heralds the revealing of the light.

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