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    Canon Dr. Neil Elliot is the Dean of West Kootenay Region and Incumbent for St Andrew/St George, Trail.


Changing Church — Part 8

The Living Vine — Regions & Structure As I write this I have just spent two long days discussing the future shape of the West

Changing Church — Part 7

Zoom Three years ago most people would have thought a “zoomer” was someone who read the magazine for older Canadians. Today we are all zoomers.

St Michael and All Angels Kelowna BC

Changing Church – Part 6

Data Projectors & Screens One change that we put to use in our church in the fall of 2021 was to use our data projector

Changing Church – Part 5

On-line Night Prayer For the Bishops of the past it would seem like a fantasy: the ability to draw the whole diocese together for prayer

Andrew Stephens-Rennie Lay Incumbent St David’s, Castlegar.

Changing Church – Part 4

Last month Jeff Donnelly wrote the first of two excellent articles on the Locally Trained Priest (LTP) ministry. This has definitely been one of the major changes in the church in the last few decades, and one way in which our diocese is leading the Anglican Church in Canada.

Changing Church – Part 3

The green book, or the BAS, is the second huge change which many of us have lived through. Many grew up with the BCP in its various Canadian guises. Whilst the Canadian BCP underwent some changes in 1918 and 1962 they were not substantive.

Changing Church – Part 2

Ordaining Women She stood out in her red tartan mini dress as she walked through the staid sleepy cloisters of St Albans Abbey in England.

Changing Church – Part 1

Today I am starting a new series of articles for The Highway. Let me start with a joke… “How many Anglicans does it take to change a light bulb?” You probably know the answer “Change? We don’t do that!” 

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