David Tiessen


  • The Very Reverend David Tiessen is the Dean of the Cathedral Church of St Michael & All Angels, Kelowna.




‘Expansion’ is not a word that has been to the forefront of late; ‘retraction’ has so often been the watchword of our times. So in

Desert Fathers

Lenten Wisdom

Recently I came across a wonderful little story from a collection of the sayings of the ‘desert fathers and mothers,’ who sought the solitude of

Christmas celebrations symbolized in Kootenay Diocese Banners displayed during Advent— St Andrew’s, Trail

Looking for the Light of Christ

One thing I very much appreciate about the liturgical calendar is the way it leads our attention — the different seasons pointing us to attend to different aspects of the faith. The lengthy season of Epiphany this year affords us the opportunity to trace the light of Christ going out into all the world!

Turning the Calendar

As we flip the calendar from the year that has been to another now beginning, I cannot help but recall just how much that act was anticipated a year ago. Most of us were turn- ing from 2020 to 2021 with great anticipation: “2021 can’t come fast enough” and “good riddance to 2020.”

A solitary mushroom outside my front door

A Meditation for Advent

One fall day in October I took note of this solitary mushroom outside my front door, growing among the fallen leaves and the detritus that collects along the fence line.

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