The HighWay Report 2021

By on April 1, 2021

The HighWay has undergone a number of changes since the last Synod. The Publisher is the Rev. Dr. Lynne McNaughton who is also a columnist. The editor is John Lavender with editorial assistance from Micahel Lavender.

Bishop Lynn’s column is generally a reflection on the season we are entering at the time of publication. She has also provided many quality photographs, as she travels around the diocese and beyond. The editor, John Lavender writes an editorial covering the contents of the newspaper and current concerns.

The HighWay has had a number of retirements; however, Yme Woensdregt continues to write on a regular basis. His column is well received and is often requested by other diocesan newspapers for reprint. Nissa Basbaum has provided an insightful column for many years; her retirement is a great loss to the paper.

The Spiritual Development Group is a regular contributor. There are two representatives in each region who provide articles on a rotational basis.

The column “Servants’ Heart” is a regular contributor from the deacons of our diocese. In addition, we receive occasional articles from the Kootenay School of Ministry, the Sorrento Centre and Camp Owaissi. Priests and lay people have written articles, and this is an area open to all. It is our hope to begin scheduling two parishes per edition on a rotation basis to provide a report on local parish activities.

Other columns include “Around the Dioceses” which is a collection of articles published the previous month from other diocesan newspapers that were not included in the Anglican Journal. The Anglican Foundation and PWRDF submit articles as well.

In addition to regular columnists, our policy is to print local news and feature articles. For its content The HighWay relies on contributions from the parishes, congregations, worshipping communities and individuals; all of which give testimony to the lives of Anglicans and an important historical record of their activities in the Diocese of Kootenay. Photography is an important element and we ask congregations to send pictures documenting the life of their parish.

A copy of each issue of The HighWay is kept in the National Archives in Ottawa.

The HighWay is read by the following groups:

  • All diocesan editors
  • Anglican Journal staff
  • All current bishops and archbishops and several former bishops/archbishops
  • The Primate
  • The International Anglican Communion office
  • Staff and visitors to the General Synod office
  • In addition, the College of Emmanuel & St Chad is a subscriber, and several individuals continue to receive The HighWay who live out-of-province.

All submissions should be sent by email to [email protected]. Monthly deadline is always the first of the month prior to the following month’s publications (ie deadline for June edition would be May 1). There are ten editions each year (no publication in July and August).
Mailing address: 9-3650 Passmore Old Road, Winlaw, BC V0G 2J0

Phone: 250-226-6792


It is possible to advertise in The HighWay. Advertising material and inquiries should be addressed to the Advertising Manager, Angela Rush, 905-630-0390 or [email protected]. Payment is to be made directly to the Diocese of Kootenay. Advertisers will be invoiced on an issue by issue basis. Payment must be received not more than 60 days after publication. Diocesan events are published free of charge.


The HighWay is a supplement of The Anglican Journal and receives a 50% share of the donations received by the Anglican Journal Appeal from subscribers in the Diocese of Kootenay. The number of subscribers for The Anglican Journal and The HighWay shrank considerably after the Anglican Journal required that everyone re-subscribe to receive a copy. The reason for the reduction of subscribers has a lot to do with the number of people who have moved from parishes but were still listed as subscribers. The good news is that subscriptions have begun to increase this year. Currently there are approximately 800 copies printed each edition. Anyone wishing to receive a copy should sign up for a subscription online at or, if they do not have the means to subscribe online, to contact their local parish.

The Anglican Journal appeal takes place each year beginning in September.


An online version of The HighWay is available on the Diocesan Website and back issues at Parishes link The HighWay online version on their Facebook pages.


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