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By on October 1, 2021

Kokanee Team Ministry 1980 – 1984 

The Rev. Canon Ray Bray was appointed to the New Denver area, as part of the Kokanee Team Ministry.

The Nelson Daily News dated November 19, 1980 reported that “on November 9, 1980 a packed St. Saviour’s Pro-Cathedral congregation in Nelson witnessed the Bishop of Kootenay, the Right Rev. Fraser Berry, induct the three men who will make up the new Anglican team to serve the Kokanee Region.”

At this impressive service filled with pageantry, colour and music, the Very Rev. Walter J. Donald was installed as Dean of the Cathedral. The Rev. Canon Raymond Bray and the Rev. Peter Speight were also inducted to complete the three-man team.

On a lighter note: it was recalled that one Sunday at St. Stephen’s, New Denver, when Canon Bray forgot his surplice, and rather than go without, donned one he found in the basement made for a Junior Choir Member. He looked for all the world like a character out of Dickens. The congregation was too polite to laugh! Canon Bray and his wife Daphne resided in Nelson during his tenure.


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