Editorial – October 2021

By on October 1, 2021

There was a time when making changes in all things Anglican was difficult. Not so anymore in the times in which we now live. When I first began editing The HighWay, people warned me against making changes too soon. As you see, the October edition has a new face ( front page). I thought it was about time! 

We are getting used to change these days. Change has also come to the Anglican Journal this summer when it found itself without an editor: Matthew Townsend resigned as editor of The Anglican Journal in June along with staff writer Joelle Kidd. 

In a statement emailed to General Synod staff, director of communications and information resources Joe Vecsi said Townsend had “demonstrated compassion and a commitment to exceptional journalism” throughout his tenure, which among other things saw the launch of the electronic magazine “Epiphanies.” 

There is a move currently to develop a new online presence for the Anglican Journal. I have been involved in this project. The ideas discussed included an online website for the Anglican Journal and also for diocesan newspapers where information entered online can be converted into a print edition, as usual. This would involve Word Press and a website approach to the composing and distribution of information. 

We will hear more about that in the coming months. 

From the front page you will notice that the theme of this edition illustrates the ‘Refiner’s Fire’ that we have been passing through in BC, in the form of wildfires and the covid pandemic. After ‘Fire’ we look forward to the ‘Hope’ that Jesus’ resurrection represents: that we will come out of this time of trial stronger and more resourceful than ever. 


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