Norene Morrow


  • Norene Morrow

    Norene Morrow is the music director at St. George Anglican Church in Westbank, West Kelowna.


Making Sense of Scripture Readings

Have you ever read or listened to a scripture passage that was difficult to understand? I certainly have, but over the years I have developed

Finding Common Ground In Our Hymn Singing

In my February article, “Understanding Our Hymn Preferences,” I made a comparison between traditional and contemporary hymns, also referring to a middle area where congregations

Understanding our Hymn Preferences

Since the last century there has been an explosion in the evolution of hymn singing. On the traditional end of the spectrum we find medieval

Speak So They Will Listen

To paraphrase Paul’s letter to Timothy: “Give attention to the public reading of scripture, to exhorting, to teaching… Do not neglect the gift that is

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