100th Anniversary — St George, Westbank, West Kelowna

The Most Reverend Lynne McNaughton, The Rev Jacqueline Eaton and congregation celebrating 100th Anniversary of St. George, Westbank, West Kelowna, April 21, 2024
By on May 31, 2024

April 21/22 marked an important milestone in the life of St. George Anglican Church, Westbank, West Kelowna as they celebrated their 100th anniversary. It began with a high tea on the Saturday where members (past and present) and guests shared memories through conversation, photos and artifacts. Highlights of the day included video greetings from the church of St. George in Camberwell, England and the Bishop of Southwark, as well as speeches from The Most Reverend Lynne McNaughton and Mayor Gordon Milsom. Celebrations continued the next day with a full church marking the Feast of St. George. Archbishop Lynne preached, special music was sung, and a wonderful, flaming dragon cake was eaten. After the service, the whole congregation gathered to send video greetings back to England where the parish of St. George, Camberwell was celebrating their 200th anniversary.

Tea organizers and workers. Photo by Heather Comba.
Members from Heritage Retirement Residents. Photo by Helen Comba.


  • Norene Morrow

    Norene Morrow is the music director at St. George Anglican Church in Westbank, West Kelowna.

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