Lynne McNaughton


  • Most Reverend Dr. Lynne McNaughton is the tenth Bishop of Kootenay, and is the 13th Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia and Yukon.


Holy Spirit Fire

Filled With The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God’s energetic presence with us! All the symbols and images for the Holy Spirit: birds, red flames (the colour of passion),

Icon St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Winnipeg

Deeper Joyful Resurrection Courage

Dear People of the Diocese of Kootenay, this year as I write about Easter, I am immersed in watching the horrors unfold in the war

Easter Totem

The Great Story of Easter

Dear People of the Diocese of Kootenay, as I write this at the end of February, the world is watching in horror as war unfolds

Farm Workers by Seurat

Working in God’s Garden

Dear People of the Diocese of Kootenay, Greetings in the name of Christ as we begin the season of Lent. I am amused that in

“We are a blessed and a pilgrim people, bound for the City of God”

Archbishop Lynne’s Epiphany Reflection

As the pandemic drags on and we face a future of threat to our planet, I have been thinking about the spiritual resources needed to be people of hope and courage, people of resilience and endurance who have the capacity to adapt to changing needs; to be the Church God needs to serve the world now and into the future.

Arise! Shine! Your Light Has Come!

Epiphany is the season of responding to the Light of Christ, the presence of God in our midst. (That is the astounding Good News of the Incarnation: God is with us! We are not alone!) The Light of God is in us, among us and in the world; how do we soak up that Light? Not to bask in it (although that is a good beginning and that is what we need to do at Christmas) so much as to reflect it, to focus that light to shine into the reality of our world.

Advent and Hope

As I prepare to write about Advent, I seem to be collecting quotes about Hope, perhaps a recognition that Hope is not something we can

In person gathering of the Canadian House of Bishops, Fall 2021, at Mount Carmel retreat house near Niagara Falls, ON. Photograph by John Stephens.

The House of Bishops Fall 2021

One of the historic roles of a bishop is to be a symbol of unity within the worldwide church, a unity which is rooted in Christ. One of the privileges and responsibilities of this role is taking council with other bishops across the Church. 

Painting by John Lavender, “Fire on the Mountain” (oil on canvas)

Refiner’s Fire

I’m writing this on the Labour Day weekend, knowing you will not be reading this till almost Thanksgiving.  As we start into the season of Autumn, I am aware of the feeling of angst from a summer that didn’t feel like summer, with drought which wrecked crops, the horror of destructive fires, heavy smoke blocking the sun, and a continuing pandemic that adds uncertainty to our lives and presses our medical system.

Camp Owaissi - Summer 2021

Letter to the people of Kootenay Diocese

As I write this I have just finished the closing worship for a week of OAC, Okanagan Anglican Camp. When the kids were asked to yell out a word of Thanksgiving this morning, many of them said “the smoke clearing”. 

Bishop’s CHARGE to the 64th SYNOD of the Diocese of Kootney

The Ascension; a festival day in the Church, an event in the life of Jesus important enough to be named in the historic creeds, because it says something about what Jesus did for us that has meaning for the life of the Church… a fabulous day to begin our Synod and to ponder the meaning of the Ascension for us now as 21st century people of God.

SYNOD 2021 – “Behold, I am doing a new thing”

As you know, the 64th session of the Synod of the Diocese of Kootenay is called to meet May 13 through 16, 2021, with opening worship Thursday evening, May 13, Ascension Day, with the business of Synod on Saturday, May 15 and Sunday May 16, 2021.

What Hymn will you most miss singing in church this Easter?

Last year at the beginning of March, writing my column for the Easter issue of the HighWay, I invited you to participate as fully as possible in the physical pageantry of Holy Week and Easter, to wave palms in the parish parade, wash feet at the Maundy Thursday remembrance of Jesus’s command to love one another, sing out your joy Easter morning.

“Observe a Holy Lent” Praying the Psalms

As we continue through the season of Lent and approach Holy Week and Easter, we have entered our second year of not being able to worship in person. There is much to lament, of course, but also much to learn, about ourselves, our communities, who we are as disciples of Jesus, what it means to be Church.

Apse mosaic of the Transfiguration of Christ AD 548-585 Mount Sinai

Moving through Transfiguration Sunday into Lent

Dear People of the Diocese of Kootenay,
The day I write this, I have been out on my snowshoes, reveling in the sun glinting off fresh snow. I look up to the hills around Kelowna transformed by white, and feel grounded as I remember this same daily walk through the seasons

The Adoration of the Magi — tapestry by Edward Burne-Jones 1894


Epiphania means manifestation, revelation.   Epiphany is the Season of Light, when the reality of God entering the world in the baby Jesus shines into our

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