Karen Archibald


  • Karen Archibald

    Karen Archibald is a member of the Spiritual Development Committee.


Julian of Norwich

Spiritual Development Mystics are comfortable with ambiguity. The world and the church, as we know it, are shifting constantly, and the wisdom of the Christian

Prayer Journaling

Spiritual Development I have always loved words. When I was a child I aspired to be a writer and gleefully turned in imaginative stories for

What’s in a Name?

“I have called you by your name, you are mine.” says Isaiah 43:1. Right from the early days of the Bible we are taught that names matter. We are told that God calls us by name and knows us intimately and singularly, and that we are, each of us, God’s own.

A Day of Sacred Creation

In all ways but one, A Day of Sacred Creation was a resounding success! Okay, let’s name the one thing off the top – the Dropbox link didn’t work for most people, but I want to tell you why it was a success anyway.

Practicing Communal Discernment

Last summer I decided to take advantage of courses being offered by Zoom. I signed up for VST’s “Practicing Communal Discernment” which took me into

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