Diocesan Office Announcement – March 2021

By on March 1, 2021

The diocesan office can seem like a black box. Things go in and things come out and no one is really sure what happens inside. I hope that we can start to change that. In the coming months I’m going to write a column called “The Office” to try and share what we’re up to.

Who works in the office?

  • The Executive Archdeacon (me),
  • Teresa Kennedy, the Finance Officer
  • Maureen Shaw, the new Administrative Assistant

We work closely with the Cathedral Dean and the Diocesan Treasurer, Monty Tuck, as well as program staff at Education for Ministry, Camp OAC, and the Kootenay School of Ministry. All of us work for, and are accountable to, Bishop Lynne.


What do we do?

Primarily, we serve the Bishop and support her ministry. She is the chief teacher, pastor, and leader of our diocesan community. On a day to day basis, supporting her ministry looks like communication, scheduling, and receiving direction and delegation. We also serve the Bishop by helping administer diocesan policy and supporting governance bodies like Diocesan Council. Through the finance office and the Diocesan Treasurer, we ensure that day to day financial transactions are managed and that our financial books are in good order. We also serve as the administration hub between our diocese, different parts of the Anglican Church, and different levels of civil government.


What are we working on in January and February?

  • Maureen is brand new to our office so we’re supporting her as she learns a new job that comes with lots of people and lots of jargon!
  • Teresa is working on the 2020 year end and getting ready for our annual external financial audit
  • We are working to get insurance invoices out to parishes and communicating with our insurance broker
  • We are preparing for Diocesan Council (which meets on February 3rd)
  • We are working with the Synod Planning committee to plan and prepare for Diocesan Synod,   May 13-16
  • We are supporting the Canons Revision Committee, the Investment Advisory Committee, the Ministry Committee, and the Administration and Finance committee with their ongoing work
  • We are supporting the Green Abbey Chapter (planning group) as they explore the feasibility of a new ministry in our diocese
  • We are working with our property officer, Colin Heggie, as he reviews the annual property assessments

Our job is to serve the Bishop and the Diocese. Don’t ever hesitate to drop us a line with a question or a concern!


  • Trevor Freeman

    Trevor Freeman is an Archdeacon in the Diocese of Kootenay.

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