Courses for Ministry: Is God Calling You?

By on August 31, 2023

This is a note of encouragement to anyone who may have felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit to take a more active role in service, either ordination as a locally trained priest or as a deacon, or as a trained lay leader. The development of Zoom technology has made it easier than ever to explore such an interest from the comfort of your own home, with the support of the Diocese of Kootenay and your local parish. Several excellent programs are now available through the theological colleges which work with the Anglican Church of Canada and its dioceses. Here are five examples.

The Diocese of Kootenay is a member of the Western Educational Collaborative Anglican Network (WECAN) based in the College of Emmanuel and Saint Chad in Saskatoon. WECAN will soon have its own website to describe its program of study for a Licentiate in Theology. Until the website is operating, you can read about the L.Th. Program on the college website under degree programs/licentiate in theology or contact the director of the L.Th. Program.


The Rev. Dr. Trish McCarthy, Program Director: [email protected]; (306) 370-8378

The Vancouver School of Theology (VST) serves all the dioceses of the Anglican Province of BC and Yukon. VST has an established program in diaconal studies and could adapt its courses to suit the particular needs of persons interested in studying for the priesthood, in consultation with the candidate and the bishop. VST also offers programs for a Certificate in Theological Studies and a diploma in Denominational Studies. For further information you can consult the website or the Academic Dean.


Dr Mari Joerstad, Academic Dean: [email protected]; (604) 822-9804

The faculty of Huron University (which is part of Western University in London, ON) have recently informed us about their new program for a Licentiate in Theology. For information you may consult their website or you may contact the Program Director for the L.Th.


The Rev Canon Dr Grayhame Bowcott,

Program Director: [email protected]; (519) 374-4066.

The Centre for Christian Studies in Winnipeg offers training for diaconate and for lay leaders.


Education for Ministry Canada (EfM) is a distance learning programme of theological education for lay people. There are four years but participants commit for one year at a time, meeting in small groups for study and practice to aid them in discovering and nurturing their call to Christian service. EfM helps the faithful encounter the breadth and depth of the Christian tradition and bring it into conversation with their experiences of the world as they study, worship, and engage in theological reflection together. Participants take what they learn about scripture, church history, theology, inter-faith studies and ethics into their own lives and hearts, in order to support them in living out a vibrant baptismal ministry in the church and in the world.


Annette Cowan, Director: [email protected] (778) 478-8317

If you are considering ordination, please make an appointment with Bishop Lynne through the Diocesan administrator ([email protected]). When you meet with me to discuss the process towards ordination, we will talk about your most suitable educational process. If you are interested in courses for lay leadership in your parish, please contact Pam Harris, the Licensed Lay Minister Coordinator ([email protected]).

Financial assistance is available from the Kootenay Ministry Formation program (formerly Kootenay School of Ministry) through the TIM fund, but the candidate and the candidate’s parish would normally be expected to participate in the financing of a program, with the candidate and the parish each paying one-quarter of the total cost. However, if the candidate so wishes, she or he may pay more!

For more information go to:
Western Educational Collaborative Anglican Network (WECAN) Courses- 2022/2023
You can also contact the Synod Office administrator Phone: 778-478-8310 or
Email: [email protected]


  • Stuart E Brown

    The Rev Dr Stuart E Brown is a retired priest, formerly the Principal of the Kootenay School of Ministry

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