Elizabeth Lewis


  • Elizabeth Lewis

    The Rev Elizabeth Lewis served as a deacon for the people of Fruitvale, BC.


Deacon, the Rev. Elizabeth Lewis, Fruitvale, at first celebration together for steak supper to celebrate all the missed birthdays, anniversaries of the past year.

The times of a deacon in today’s context

One of the commitments taken on by a Deacon at the time of ordination is ‘you are to interpret to the Church the needs, concerns, and hopes of the world’.

A patio service in Fruitvale during slightly better times and weather

A Time of Change

We read last week (Lent 1) of Jesus going into the Wilderness. I am sure that we all can imagine being lost in the wilderness. A time of not knowing where we are going, which path to follow, what to do when we get out, how are we are getting out, and what to do next; in fact, why are we even there? Jesus was in the Wilderness with wild beasts and angels to look after him ( as we are told in Mark’s Gospel). Are we as lucky? I believe we are!

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