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  • Andrea Brennan

    The Rev. Canon Andrea L. Brennan is the Incumbent, Shared Ministry Christ Church Anglican and Knox United Church, Fernie, and Regional Dean, East Kootenays


Getting Older

My dad used to say his favourite time of day was the 20 minutes when he first woke up.  He’d lay on his pillow, prop


Shared Ministry In the Diocese of Kootenay, we are blessed with several expressions of Shared Ministry; be that between the Anglican Church and the Evangelical

Mary And The Magnificat

I write this while gazing out of an upper bedroom window, nearing the end of December, in Montana. Snow falling overnight coated the peaked roof

What is Community?

As we have been walking through the pandemic, we have seen a seismic shift in “the Church”. Those beloved century plus buildings have been empty, some are still empty, as the congregation navigates the complexities of capacity limits, vaccination status, COVID compliance and all sorts of other things we never imagined we’d need to include in our Worship supplies budget; such as tongs for distributing Eucharist, disposable masks and hand sanitizer by the litre. 

The Rev. Andrea Brennan’s desk during Zoom meeting.

What Does Community Look Like?

There was a time when my diary would be full of meetings. Come to think of it, my diary is still full of meetings, but instead of meeting at the Church, in a person’s home or at a local coffee shop, meetings these days takes place online…usually by Zoom.

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